Treatment of Small Fibre Polyneuropathy

Treatment of Small Fibre Polyneuropathy

How do I get rid of polyneuropathy? For many, this question cannot finally be answered. In any case, we want to achieve the relief of polyneuropathy complaints. The following questions typically arise: What can be done against the burning sensation and the pain in the feet or hands? What can I do for my digestion? I barely come to rest at night - what strengthens my bladder? Regardless of whether a treatable cause can be found, the alleviation of the various complaints of polyneuropathy is the focus of treatment. We are successful if well-being and self-reliance are preserved.

The main focus of the treatment of polyneuropathy, of course, the pain relief and the maintenance of muscle strength and coordination ability of the legs and arms. In addition, you will receive recommendations on how and where appropriate physiotherapeutic exercise programs can be performed to strengthen the arm and leg muscle culture and improve coordination and balance.

Ways out of neuropathic pain

In order to be successful in the long term, optimal pain treatment must meet your personal needs, your daily routine and your sense of well-being. This ranges from a wide range of proven medicines to a variety of non-pharmacological methods of pain relief. The optimal treatment is rarely an "either-or". Experience shows that success often lies in the combination of treatment methods. A major advantage is that therapies such as acupuncture, transcutaneous electrostimulation (TENS) and biofeedback can be learned directly on site at the "Neuro Praxis Düsseldorf" and can be perceived on request. For a daily routine as possible without pain and discomfort, we set off with you on the way and take time to select the most effective treatment for you.

Treating all body functions affected by polyneuropathy

We understand polyneuropathy as a disease which at any time may afftect the functions of stomach and intestine, of bladder and cardiovascular regulation. Thanks to our interdisciplinary cooperation, we can provide for the diagnosis and treatment of autonomic disorders of the stomach, intestine, bladder and cardiovascular regulation. We also advise you on nutritional forms and remedies that regulate the passage of the stomach and intestines. Not infrequently, bladder and bowel disorders may require co-treatment by specialized gastroenterologists. For this we use the meanwhile wide network of contacts and cooperations with colleagues.

Better control of the bladder

From delayed bladder emptying to disturbing urinary urgency during the day but also at night, the symptoms that occur in the course of a polyneuropathy with involvement of the bladder are sufficient. In order to be able to treat specifically, our urology colleagues helped us understand what form of bladder disorder is present. With recommendations for training the bladder, the support of medications or aids we want to improve your bladder function, so you are more independent in everyday life and your sleep, if possible no longer disturbed.

Strong cardiovascular circulation in polyneuropathy

According to experience, only at second glance are blood pressure fluctuations, cardiac arrhythmias or disorders of circulatory regulation when standing in relation to polyneuropathy related. Adapt medicines accordingly and train behavior. Simple recommendations for everyday life effective to prevent uncontrolled blood pressure fluctuations. If several organs are involved in the polyneuropathy, the treatment can be very comprehensive and demanding. Together with you, the priorities in the treatment concept are set. All decisions are made together. Success is the result of interdisciplinary collaboration between specialists, therapists, physiotherapists and nutritionists.

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