How to prevent fainting

How to prevent fainting

Dizziness, weakness and dizziness. These symptoms can occur several times a day in people with circulatory disorders. This is not only annoying singles unsettled sufferers and relatives. Of course, sit down or lie down immediately. This is not always possible or necessary. With the immediate measures for cardiovascular strengthening presented here within a few minutes a blood pressure increase and improved blood supply to the brain can be achieved. If, for example, a quantity of liquid of 400-500 ml is drunk within a few minutes, the blood pressure rises reflexively. This effect can last up to 60 minutes. For many years affected by circulatory disorders suffer with success and often several times a day the countermeasures shown here for immediate circulation. These are a series of immediate measures, which belong to the experience of people with circulatory disorders and are used by the affected people almost intuitively.

Beine hochlegen

Drink 500ml of water

Alternatively, you may drink at least 500ml of water in rapid swallowing to immediately increase your blood pressure.

If this is not possible, you can counteract an unconscious state by countering the following steps:


Supine position with legs elevated

A loss of consciousness can be preceded by dizziness or a loss of orientation. In order to prevent fainting you should lie down or sit down as soon as possible and keep your legs up.

Alternatively you follow this recommendation:

Beine kreuzen

Step 1

Cross your legs while standing and tense your muscles.

Arme kreuzen

Step 2

In addition, increase the body tension by pressing the folded arms against the body.


Step 3

In addition, bend the upper body forward.


Step 4

Go into the squat position.

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