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The ANS Clinic sees itself as a companion of people with chronic diseases and disorders that affect the autonomic nervous system. In the treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases involving the autonomic organs or the autonomic nervous system, we are committed to providing you with diagnostic and therapeutic support over a long period of time. We know that, especially in chronic diseases, functional improvements do not succeed overnight, but require patience and perseverance. On the one hand, this is due to autonomic dysfunctions in that nerve regeneration, for example in polyneuropathies, can be a protracted process. On the other hand, the training of reflexes and functions of vegetative organs such as circulation, intestine and bladder requires the guidance, constant repetition and patience of those affected and relatives.

We are at your side

Behavioral recommendations for the relief of vegetative complaints may, for example, necessitate the conversion of habits or a new structure of the daily routine. This works better with an understandable plan, reliable support and support.

An advantage of being accompanied by the ANS Clinic is the constant review of the success of the treatment and the adaptation of the recommendations and treatment concepts. Our experience with the ANS Clinic shows that most of the time, not just one way leads to the goal. As different as the discomforts of the autonomic nervous system and autonomic organs may be, so individually can also be the choice of a suitable treatment and behavioral recommendation.

Our recommendations have a lasting positive effect only if you find them a permanent place in your everyday life. Because understanding illness and therapy is key to the success of treating vegetative discomfort, training of patients and relatives is a central part of the therapy guidance at the ANS Clinic. This helps you to better classify symptoms of your diseases. In this way, the joint decision-making succeeds, which can also meet the individual desire for more therapy or less therapy.

Keeping track of signs and symptoms

We experience that people with chronic disorders of the autonomic nervous system or vegetative organs in the course of their illness are sensitive and reliable observers of your body and can often become competent managers of your illness. In addition, a diary specially developed for patients at the ANS Clinic facilitates the documentation of vegetative complaints, pain and discomfort during the course of the disease.

A strong network

For many of our patients, sharing with peers has been helpful and useful. This is especially true for rare causes of disorders and diseases of the autonomic nervous system. To the best of our knowledge, there is no patient organization for people with disorders of autonomic organs or diseases of the autonomic nervous system. However, we are in contact with several patient organizations that support diseases such as Parkinson's disease, polyneuropathy, diabetes and others, which may be associated with autonomic or autonomic disorders of the autonomic nervous system. The links there can be found at patient-organizations on this website.

Keeping track of signs and symptoms

We experience that in the course of a chronic neurologic disorders those concerned with autonomic disorders are most careful and reliable observers of their body and often are becoming competent managers of their wellbeing. In addition, a diary specially developed for patients at the ANS Clinic enables easy documentation of complaints and measured values of blood pressure etc. in the course of a disease.

Your diary - ANS Clinic App

Perhaps you have already noticed that the description of vegetative complaints can be difficult, especially if they are diverse and changeable. The ANS Clinic app helps you to keep track and make changes visible. Diary by APP is easy to manage in everyday life, it will be set up here in the ANS Clinic to your complaints personally for you. All notes remain with you. Whenever you want, you can create a report. This will help you keep track of the course of your illness. Whenever you decide to give your doctor or surgeon an overview, you can create a report for a desired period of time.

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